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Team coaching helps a group of individuals better understand how to draw the best from each other and leverage the collective power of the group to achieve far greater results than can be achieved individually.

It’s not to be confused with traditional ‘team building’ days (which often involve outdoor activities, building structures out of newspaper and the like) although these have their place and can be tremendous fun.

Team coaching is focused on fundamentally changing how the individuals within the team work together. It’s achieved through challenging and courageous dialogue, a heightened awareness of one another’s motivations and an enhanced understanding of how the team perceives one another.

A passionate entrepreneur, Charlie Samspon owns coaching businesses both in the UK and Dubai and he is retained as a coach and facilitator by some of the world’s most respected organizations, from leading learning institutes such as London Business School, to multi-national corporations including HSBC. He is also the co-founder of The Business Coaching Academy, based in London, which educates and accredits leaders in the art of business coaching.

Joining Charlie is Salma Al Hajjaj; General Manager of HR at Gulf Bank and certified coach. Salma is a huge advocate of coaching – a practice that is largely underrated in the region. Salma will be sharing her experience with having a coach and the role she plays in her organization as a coach herself.