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It’s been a tough few years. 40% of workers are suffering from mental health issues. 60% of leaders show indicators of burnout. It’s simply bad business: a stressed individual running on snacks and little sleep will not make good decisions. But there’s an upside, too; many are focused on “not losing the game of wellbeing”.

During her career, Annastiina Hintsa has closely observed – and personally experienced – the challenges relating to sustainable performance in an uncertain, high pressure, fast paced global context. After working in top management consulting and experiencing burnout, she was faced with profound questions of balance and meaning. She found answers in a transformation that involved running 250km (155 mile) ultra-races in deserts, and later joined Hintsa Performance as an entrepreneur, helping people unlock a life of meaning and sustainable high performance.

Joining Annastiina is Sheikha Majdah al Sabah (MJS) founder of ASAP initiative; a non-profit social program dedicated to promoting mental health awareness. Following her own personal struggles with mental health, Majda founded ASAP initiative to make a positive social impact, by supporting people with mental health concerns and destigmatizing mental health disorders.