Who We are

The National Leadership Institute (NLI)

is an institute fully owned by NEST, a national company for educational services and training, which is a subsidiary of NTEC - the National Technology Enterprises Company, a governmental entity owned by Kuwait's sovereign fund, the Kuwait Investment Authority. (KIA)

Our main purpose is directly linked to NTEC's core mandate which is to transfer knowledge and technology into Kuwait and the region

As a fully owned governmental company, coupled with our international experience in education, we have a unique ability to fulfill our mandate and our clients' educational and training needs. Our governmental credentials have given us the flexibility to work directly with many state-owned entities and private companies within Kuwait and in the region. Our international experience has also helped us develop an academic and industry-based network second to none.

We have had the pleasure to work and partner with some of the world's most renowned institutions such as London Business School, Harvard Business School, Imperial College Business School, King's College London, Boeing, Google, and many more. 

Over the years, our experienced and diverse team has delivered short programs for institutions like Kuwait University, KOC, and KISR with the University of Texas at Austin, and a long-term corporate development program for Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and its subsidiaries with a consortium of partners, including London Business School

Our experience and network have given us the ability to assess organizational needs and then develop customized programs tailored to organizational or individual needs. Our independent positioning allows us to put your needs at the forefront and develop learning journeys with components and models from different institutions. Thus, giving you the best customized outcome. Also, with the current pandemic in mind, we are able to safely and effectively deliver programs in-class, virtually, and in a hybrid model.  

Our goal at NLI is to be part of your development and holistic learning journey at an individual and organizational level. 

We want to support you in creating the culture that your organization needs and deserves. 


NLI aims to bring personalized comprehensive skills at all stages of one’s professional journey.
NLI will also address the employability gap of graduates in Kuwait with a continuous education system that focuses on skills development for future leaders within Kuwait.

The institute will contribute to the advancement of employee skills at every level.