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Millennials or ‘Gen Y’ make up most of the current workforce. Many of them have different views and priorities when it comes to the corporate world. Millennials’ paradigms of work and ‘how to be led’ are indeed very different to those of their managers of earlier generations, and how Gen Y will lead our organizations in the near future will resemble an evolution of how capitalism is practiced.

Adam Kingl will also discuss how companies will need to accommodate the needs of the next generation in order to retain their talents and how to be supportive of their entrepreneurial aspirations, in addition to creating a culture where these aspirations are utilized for both the benefit of the company and the individual.

The nature of work and leadership is about to change in fundamental ways. Adam has spent decades working in innovation, strategy, culture and leadership. He is a highly respected expert on generational paradigms in the workplace, creativity, strategic and management innovation, the future of work, leadership, empowerment, culture, and fulfilling organizational and personal purpose.

Joining Adam at this conference is Haya Al Mana; the founder of the "Zain Great Idea" accelerator program, which was designed to support the youth into making their entrepreneurial dreams come true. She is also heading Zain’s Innovation Center "ZINC" that entails entrepreneurship, intrepreneurship, tech startup programs, startup acceleration, creativity, innovation and more.